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Lily Padz
Lily Padz

Get your freedom back with LilyPadz! LilyPadz® Nursing Pads are a new concept in nursing pads. Their revolutionary new
design and features give freedom back to Mommies. The LilyPadz® are uniquely designed to maintain pressure on the
nipple to prevent leaks! The idea is simple. When you have let down, you can apply pressure to the nipples to stop
leaking. If you keep that pressure there, you don't leak. Both you and your clothes stay dry!

  • LilyPadz® are non-absorbent, non-collecting, breathable, latex-free, and comfortable.
  • LilyPadz® are made of very thin, soft silicone rubber which makes them invisible under clothing.
  • LilyPadz® are the only non-absorbent nursing pad that adheres to you and not your bra.They have a tacking
    lining on one side so they gently adhere to your skin without the use of adhesives. They stay in place so they
    don't rub against and irritate your nipples!
  • Since LilyPadz® stay on you, you don't have to wear a bra to bed, and you can easily go strapless or even
  • Put your LilyPadz® on when you are dry, and you can wear them swimming, too!
  • LilyPadz® are the only nursing pad you'll ever need! You can reuse the same pair for months! No downtime for
  • To clean your Lily Padz®, you just wash with mild soap and rinse with water.
  • They dry within minutes and are ready to use again. The lining is renewed each time they are washed. You can
    even sterilize them by boiling in water for 3 to 5 minutes if needed.
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